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Meet Our Harem of Sires and Dams

Our Foundation Male (retired) - Geris Carbon Copy

The first Curl Caroline and Michael ever laid eyes on was at Madison Square Garden in 1986,
Geris Carbon Copy.

Domestic Cat at Madison Square Gardens

Michael (aka "Helmut") and Caroline visited their first cat show at Madison Square Garden in 1986. This was an effort to help Caroline through the grieving period after the passing of her black and white domestic cat of 9 years, named Petal. Michael thought a cat show would cheer her up... well, that was not the case. When she looked at any black and white cat Caroline started to cry so, within an hour they headed towards the exit. Suddenly Caroline had an eerie feeling that eyes were on her. When she turned around, there he was...a handsome black and white American Curl rows and rows away staring at her. Caroline and Micheal walked over and the Curl's owner let her hold him. Immediately as if by magic, the grief lifted and Caroline felt as if he was transferring the sadness out of her and into him. I know it sounds weird, but he mended her broken heart and ever since Caroline has christened Curls the "spiritual healers of felines." 

They do have an inherent gift that has been shared by Curl owners throughout the years. Mike and Caroline were hooked from that moment and could have never dreamed that a year later they would be proud to have Carbon Copy as their foundation male! Three of their 5 dams today are his daughter, grand-daughter, and great-granddaughter. They've seen very few Curls that compare with his show presence, style, and heart-grabbing personality. Caroline and Michael thank Carbon Copy for sharing his legacy with them.

Procurl Harem American Curls Paws


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Silver mackerel tabby and white LH



Procurl Harem American Curls Paws


Procurlharem "HEKTAR"
Silver mackerel tabby and white LH


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Procurl Harem American Curls Paws



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Procurl Harem "KHALEESI"
Tortie Silver Lynxpoint


Procurl Harem America Runs On Duncurl "SUNDAE"
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2013 (Below)
Procurl Harem American Curls Paws


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