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Getting to Know Procurl Harem

About Us Procurlharem Cats and Kittens

ProCurl Harem's sole purpose of breeding is for others to experience the joy our babies bring.  We receive and hear comments all the time, that “these are not cats, but little gifts from mother nature."  Curls are extremely personable, very dog-like and retain their youthful kitten vigor throughout adulthood. Thus being called the Peter Pans of the feline world. Please visit our Kitten page to see our American Curl Kittens that are for sale.

Our loving kittens are placed at 10 weeks old if picked up locally or 3 months old if shipped.  Occasionally we have and sell retired show cats.  Visit our “Retired Show Curls & Breeders” page to see what Curls are available.  Please fill out the questionnaire before acquiring about one of our retired Curls or kittens.

Your never-caged Curl kitten is raised right in our home.  They socialize with friends, neighbors and our harem of five adult cats guaranteeing affectionate, happily adjusted temperaments.  They receive lots of attention and social skills from day one.  Each kitten comes with a record of vaccinations, five-generation pedigree, registration papers (after altered) and color photos of mom and dad.  We breed all levels from top show to pet quality.  We do not require you to show a kitten, that is your preference.

When you pick out an American Curl kitten we will send updated pictures every 2 weeks and video clips of your Curls progress.  We take a wait list for some colors and a $500 deposit is required to reserve a kitten.  Prices range from $1250 to $1450 for curly eared "normal colors", $1450 to $1850 for our extremely rare blue-eyed color points.  For a top show Curl you can expect a price point up to $3000.  We do not sell Curls for breeding purposes.  Our color palette is praised internationally ranging from blue-eyed color points, smoked tortoiseshells, breathtaking cameos, dilute calicos, and silver patched tabbies.  We welcome visits to our home so, you can get to know the American Curl charm.  Please visit each page of our website to familiarize yourself with the Curls' remarkable Personality Traits, and see OUR CFA GRANDS we've produced over the years.  It has been indicated many times though our kitten owners, that those with mild allergies are much less or non-existent with our curls.  You may come for a visit to test this out, but realize we do not take a kitten back once placed due to allergies.

Since 1986, Michael and Caroline have been showing and breeding Curls exclusively in CFA since Curls achieved Championship status in 1993.  They have proudly achieved 4 CFA National Wins: 1 Championship, 2 Kitten and 1 Premiership. We also hold the highest spot in American Curl Grands at 54, along with 23 Regional Wins, and 7 Distinguished Merits including in 2004, CFA's first and only male American Curl DM (15 Grand offspring).  Significantly that year GC RW Procurlharem Drew Curlymor of Wimpl DM became Procurl Harem’s first five-grand litter.  To mark our decade of exhibiting in CFA, we have achieved 10 out of 14 National Best of Breed awards. We are responsible for mentoring a significant number of international Curl breeders, specifically in Japan and Hong Kong.

ProCurl Harem was founded by Caroline Scott and Michael Tucker.  Their love affair with the American Curl began in 1986 at the Madison Square Garden Cat show.  Caroline passed away in August of 2014 from ALS.  She was such an advocate for the American Curl breed.  She dedicated a lot of her time and love to ProCurl Harem and for that we are all thankful. 

ProCurl Harem was purchased in 2015 by Chris and Kathy Falcone.  They purchased their first American Curl from Caroline and Michael in 2012 and their second in 2013.  They fell in love with the American Curl breed and wanted to keep ProCurl Harem thriving. Please visit our kitten page to see our 4 gorgeous rare blue eye color point American Curl Kittens for sale,



America Curl NYCAmerica Curl NYCAmerica Curl NYC KittensCaroline Scott's America Curl NYCAmerica Curl NYC by Caroline Scott

GC Procurlharem Darcicurlbright “Darci”
Our 53rd newest CFA Grand Champion- October 2010
Groomed and shown to perfection by owner Linda Bradley of Chico CA
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